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April 2010 - this web site has been replaced 

We now have our own domain name and a new web site: .  Please use the new site from now.


This site provides an excellent Web page with information about Social Anxiety Disorder. Topics include:

  • A definition of the disorder
  • The American Psychiatric Association criteria for the disorder
  • Examples of feared situations
  • Causes of the disorder
  • Treatments
  • Suggested readings

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

Some lines from the homepage of the Association:
Our mission is to:
  • Encourage research to expand our understanding of the causes of anxiety disorders/conditions.
  • Advocate for improved access to treatment and support for those who are experiencing significant distress and disability due to anxiety disorders/conditions.
  • Promote the role of consumers in making informed choices among empirically validated treatments.
  • Encourage and support consumer and family involvement in self-help, mutual support, educational and advocacy activities;
  • Improve the education resources available to consumers, health service providers, and policy makers.

This site provides:
  • A definition of the disorder
  • Therapies and treatment options
  • Articles and essays
  • A therapy program on audio tape


Warm Line 416-960-9276

From the Website of the WarmLine Telephone Line:
Progress Place operates a supportive chat line for people in Metropolitan Toronto with mental health problems to call when they are feeling lonely, isolated or distressed and are in need of someone to chat to. This line is staffed by consumer/survivors of the mental health system. The line is open Monday to Sunday from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, times when most services are closed.


Self Test for Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Network

Social Anxiety Network

Caversham Booksellers

This bookshop specialises in providing books for mental health professionals and general public and is one of the largest psychology bookshops in North America. It is located in downtown Toronto, 98 Harbord St.

Let us know if there are any Web sites that you find informative and helpful and we'll consider including them on this page!