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April 2010 - this web site has been replaced 

We now have our own domain name and a new web site: .  Please use the new site from now.

Location and time for meeting on Saturday 8-March-2008
This coming weekend, we will be meeting on Saturday instead of Sunday.  The meeting will be at 4pm at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario, 36 Eglinton Avenue West. Suite 602
Toronto, ON M4R 1A1. 
On Saturday, when you arrive at the lobby door, enter by pushing the
disabled entrance button. At the 6th floor, there are just two
offices, the one on your left when you leave the elevator is the Mood
Disorders Office.   See you there.

Pub night - Sunday 10-Feb-2008
This Sunday we will go to Firkin pub after our regular meeting. It is located opposite the Clarica Centre just east of Islington and Bloor.  The pub outing provides an informal environment for members to get to know each other better and to forge friendships, and is also good exposure for those members of the group who have anxiety in public places. Please come and enjoy this informal, friendly environment. Hope to see you all there.

Homeopathy - Sunday 26-Aug-2007
Dr Jenn Prusky, a Homeopathy doctor, is giving a lecture this Sunday 26th at our meeting about Homeopathy and will answer questions afterwards. Here is a short introduction by Jenn:
I earned my Homeopathic diploma from the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine. Passionate about the healing process, I believe the body is a remarkable machine and I use Homeopathy as a vehicle to stimulate a healing that comes from within. Homeopathy is beneficial for all age groups (and pets) and not only heals current ailments, but fortifies the body against new ones.
My focus is on educating the public about the benefits of Homeo-pathy. I will explain in detail the founding principals of Homeopathy and how Homeopathy is useful to treat some of the more day to day ailments as well as formally diagnosed pathologies. I am excited to answer any and all questions you may have regarding Homeopathy and the healing process.  See you on Sunday. 
- Dr. Jenn Prusky DSHM

Dark Horse Pub - Sunday 15-Jul-2007
This Sunday we will have our meeting at a pub instead of the regular meeting place in 3700 Bloor West.  Here are the details:
When: Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 4:00 PM
Where: Dark Horse Pub
2401 Bloor West opposite Jane subway station in Toronto
This outing will give everyone a chance to pratice socializing in a more informal setting.  See you there.

High Park outing on Sunday 17-June-2007
This Sunday (June 17th), weather permitting, we will have our meeting at High Park instead of the regular meeting place in 3700 Bloor West.  We start from the main entrance to High Park, located on Bloor Street West at intersection of High Park and Bloor Street, steps away from High Park subway station. You can't miss it because of the traffic  lights and billboards with maps of High Park, etc. There are some benches at the west side of the traffic lights. The benches face Bloor street and are located under the trees. You can find us there at 4:00 pm. We will wait for other members up till 4:10 and then move to the cafe (Grenadiers Cafe). If you arrive late, just head for the cafe and you will find us there. Come, enjoy the weather, the nature, the park, and the discussions.

Pub night - Sunday 13-May-2007
This Sunday we will go to Firkin pub after our regular meeting. It is located opposite the Clarica Centre just east of Islington and Bloor. Our regular meeting on this Sunday will finish at 5pm. The pub outing provides an informal environment for members to get to know each other better and to forge friendships, and is also good exposure for those members of the group who have anxiety in public places. Please come and enjoy this informal, friendly environment. Hope to see you all there.

4th Anniversary Dinner - Sunday April 29th
This weekend on Sunday we are having our anniversary dinner to celebrate four years of the Toronto Social Anxiety Support Group.  It will be in High Park, 29th of April. We will meet at the usual meeting place there opposite the subway station near the north entrance to High Park, on Bloor, at 6pm and from there we'll walk to Grenadier's restaurant. If you arrive late just follow the street south to the restaurant. See you all there.

Dating for shy people - Sunday April 1st
Patrick Jobin will be giving a talk on dating for shy people this Sunday 1st of April at our meeting, about the ins and outs of dating and how to be successful at it. Be there and learn how to attract the opposite sex.

Outing to the pub - Sunday March 25th
We will be going to our usual pub after the meeting.  Come out and practice socializing in a more casual setting.  If you feel awkward about it, remember that we are all feeling some anxiety, and it's ok.
Lecture on dealing with social anxiety - Sunday 11 March
James Foley has had social anxiety himself and has tried different techniques to overcome it with relative success. He has been a member of different support groups. James is going to talk about his life with social anxiety and how to get over it in our next meeting on Sunday 11th of March.


Samantha sherer, an expressive art therapist and a certified member of the OACCPP is going to give us a lecture and hands on exercise with arts therapy on Sunday 11th of February. Please attend the session and also tell others to attend. Below is her introduction to the program. Below is the Invitation by Samantha:

You are invited to learn more about Expressive Arts Therapy. I will be giving a free introductory seminar on Feb 11, from 4-5;30 pm. We'll
have a brief discussion and you'll have an opportunity to try out
some art structures for yourself.

Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) is arts-based psychotherapy not art
classes. It uses five modalities of art; visual, movement, drama, music and poetry, as a means of self-discovery. No previous art experience is necessary or expected.

The EAT groups I facilitate are fun, arts-based structured exercises
designed to help you learn more about yourself. Since we are used to telling our stories in logical, chronological order each time we tell
our story with the same outcome and no more idea how to go ahead than before we told our story. It's like you've created a rut in your brain. So you might end up feeling stuck, helpless, disappointed,
stressed out, frustrated, sad;you may also struggle with putting
your story `out there' in conventional ways. Using the arts to
remove yourself from the focus of attention may allow you new ways of communicating which may in turn lead to increased confidence.

In EAT groups we "play" around your story so that you jump the
rut and see it from a new perspective. By doing artwork, like writing a fictional story and painting images from it, playing music that mimics
the tone, acting out the roles of each of its characters;we "play" with the image. You can see it from many angles and you jump that rut.

We also process new awareness in discussion time to help you connect the dots of your experience to help develop new insight and give you some direction on how to proceed. Please join me at the meetup to learn more.

Samantha Sherer

Samantha Sherer is an Expressive Arts Therapist, an ISIS graduate and a certified member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP) She offers group or 1-on-1 Arts-Based Psychotherapy to youth and adults.



Sundays at 4:00 p.m.


Church of Resurrection, Conference Room

The Church of Resurrection is at 3700 Bloor Street West (1 Resurrection Drive). It is a 10 minute walk west from Islington Subway Station. Leaving the Station, go west along Bloor Street on the north sidewalk. Walk past the TTC bridge. At the first intersection, opposite the police station, turn right (north) onto Resurrection Road, then right again at the church entrance. Enter the building using the Parish Hall Entrance, just to the left of the Church Entrance. If needed, press the buzzer for access. 
For more information, please call Rama at 416-233-1508, click the link at the bottom of this page for a map to the church, or see the details in our
Hope to see you there!

Click here for a location map of the Church of Resurrection

Driving to the Church of Resurrection:
Driving from the west:


Take the QEW east to Kipling

Go north on Kipling to Bloor Street

Turn right onto Bloor and left at the first intersection onto Resurrection Road




Take the 401 east to Highway 427 south

Go south on 427 to Dundas Street

Turn left onto Dundas and continue to Bloor

Turn left onto Resurrection Road



Driving from the east:


Take the 401 west to Islington

Take Islington south to Bloor Street

Turn right onto Bloor

After passing under the TTC bridge, turn right onto Resurrection Road