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April 2010 - this web site has been replaced 

It's been a long process but we now have our own domain name! Our new location on the web is : .  The site has been published on the internet and is available to the world.  We have reviewed, updated, and refreshed all content.  Please use the new site from now.  If you have any feedback on the new site or to report any bugs, pls send an email to Bob at

8th Anniversary Celebration -- Sat 3-Apr-2010 at 6pm

Congratulations to our group! We are going to celebrate the 8th year of the establishment of our group. 8 Years ago we started the group with 2 other people. Every Saturday(Sunday at first) we have met for the past 8 years.  The dinner celebration will be held at:


Swiss Chalet, 362 Yonge Street ( south of Gerrard on the west side of Yonge), at 6pm on April 3rd.


I hope to see you all current and former members of the group at our party, bring friends and family members if you want. Please RSVP well in advance so that we can reserve enough seats for everyone.  If you are part of, you can RSVP there.  If not, pls send an email to Rama at .

Location and time for meetings

The regular meetings are now held on Saturdays at 4pm at:

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario,

36 Eglinton Avenue West

Suite 602
Toronto, ON M4R 1A1

Starting from Yonge and Eglinton, walk west on Eglinton Ave, on the north side on the street.  It only takes a few minutes to get there. When you arrive at the front door of the building, enter by pushing the disabled entrance button.  Take the elevator to the 6th floor.  See you there.

About us
We are a support group for shy people. Extreme shyness, in psychological terms, is called social phobia, or social anxiety. Social anxiety causes anxiety and panic attacks in certain social or per-formance situations such as public speaking, dealing with authority figures, being in groups or public places, talking to strangers, using the telephone, etc. 

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